minimal. clean. comfortable. fun.

these are a few of the words we think of when we describe nununu headquarters, a huge loft space that used to house the local telephone company in tel aviv. that’s also how we think of the clothes we create here – as communicative pieces, so this is the perfect home for us. concrete floors and steel frames mix with warm wooden walls to create a balance of industry and creativity. here, inspiration flows freely. productivity comes naturally.

we work hard and play harder.

there are about 20 of us on the team here, all women plus one very brave man. every one of us is a bit of a character (and yes, we all accept and celebrate each other’s crazy!), we laugh a lot, we’re like a family because we’re so small and close knit and mainly because we believe in the culture of nununu. we all give everything we have to the company. and it gives us so much in return. open, flowing spaces to dream and work, an outdoor garden to hang out in, a living room area to relax and decompress and a shopable showroom where we can see and feel the results of our efforts.

we design everything ourselves on site, which is why we chose a space with a truly flowing layout, so there would be an open exchange of ideas. but when we’re heads down on a collection, we go in our office, black out our glass walls with screens and hide from everyone! (sometimes, it’s good to hide.)

all of our kids are a regular presence in our space.

almost every day, you’ll find someone’s offspring playing on the carpet, drawing in the conference room or chilling on the couch. it’s actually a strategic move to have them around, because we can get instant, valuable feedback straight from our target demographic! we love hearing their input because they all have pretty good taste and strong opinions, especially on matters of comfort. believe us, these kids know what they do and do not like!

mostly, we’re just happy that we can provide such a wonderful workplace for our collaborators and ourselves. we’re proud of the company culture we’ve created, and we instill a little bit of that into every garment we make. through our clothes, we radiate the spirit of our headquarters to the rest of the world.

that’s us,
iris & tali

the nununu headquarter were designed by the talented studio ID253